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Pantry Essentials

Flavours that belong in every kitchen, whether in the restaurant or at home.

May 2, 2021 | juicebox Pantry

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t have space for a serious home larder – although we’ve all fantasised otherwise. Hours spent eyeballing our favourite restaurant chefs as they casually stroll about their open kitchens and carefully curated pantry showrooms, or Masterchef contestants sprinting about a warehouse crammed with oils and spices, can leave even the most ardent minimalist muttering envious blasphemes under their breath.

That doesn’t mean, however, a kitchen, your kitchen, should go without. A couple of carefully chosen items: a good olive oil, a nice vinegar, some specialty salt, an earthly honey, can add great depth and flavour to most meals, and, let’s face it, add something nice to our kitchen benches.

So, for our own sake, we sourced a line-up of quality produce from throughout regional Western Australia, and curated a selection of pantry essentials – the stuff we always reach for wherever we are cooking.

Tempranillo infused finishing salt

Kalamata extra virgin olive oil

Barrel aged wine vinegars

Raw local honey

Inspired by our own experiences jumping between the worlds of winemaking and hospitality, our pantry products take on the same Vine Collective philosophy that informs our wines: small-batch, hand-packaged, minimal-intervention, produce-before-product, the fundamental flavours needed for honest, rustic living.

We hope they provide you with the inspiration you need to take your cooking in exciting (yet humble) new directions, and help build your essential pantry, well, until you can one day afford that kitchen larder extension.

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